Bathroom Basin Faucet Extender External Shower Head

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Sink Hose Sprayer Function Set It includes a Bathroom Basin Faucet Extender External Shower, a faucet diverter valve, a hose, and a shower head holder bracket. This faucet sprayer set is multi-functional and ideal for hair washing, pet bathing, bucket filling, elderly care, newborn baby rinsing, and other tasks. connects to an existing bathroom or utility sink to allow for simple faucet spray cleaning. The Bathroom Basin Faucet Extender External Shower is made of strong, solid brass metal and is one-piece. polished chrome, wear-resistant, high-quality, and long-lasting. A large water flow channel with no flow restriction was designed. A smooth-turning metal handle lever converts water flow between the handheld shower and the faucet aerator.

A Bathroom Basin Faucet Extender External shower is included for holding the handheld shower. heavy-duty and wear-resistant all-metal brass material. The gleaming polished chrome finish adds sparkle to your bathroom. Without a plumber, it is simple to install in minutes. There are no screws, no drills, and no damage to the wall surface. The elastic telescopic shower hose is made of high-quality PP plastic that is non-toxic, high-pressure resistant, and long-lasting.

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