Large Aesthetic Decorative Mirror

Color: silver
Size: 160x60cm
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A full-body mirror with a unique and beautiful design.

This is a mirror that comes in many different sizes and shapes. The Floor Decorative Mirror is made of glass and comes with a stand that can be screwed into the wall. The mirror is a reflection of the person looking in it. The glass is very sturdy and is not easily broken. The design of the mirror is a modern style. The mirror can be purchased in many different colors to match the room.

This Beautiful Makeup Mirror offers an elegant, chic design with an impressive finish. Its five adjustable angles make it easy to see your entire body. Makeup Full Body Floor Decorative Miroir is a beautiful-looking floor mirror that is perfect for your home. It comes in different colors and is made out of glass. The Miroir is a stylish floor-length mirror with an elegant antique frame. This is a luxurious and functional mirror that is perfect for both your bedroom and your bathroom. 


  • Shape: Framed
  • Item: Mirror
  • Material: Glass



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