Leopard Print Cowhide Skin Carpet

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The Cowhide Skin Carpet front fabric is made of short velvet wool PV, and other materials, the hand feels silky, with a very fine gloss, with an anti-static effect. A Good Carpet is best sold in the children's room, playroom, western theme room, jungle-themed room, cowboy-themed nursery, under the coffee table, in front of the fireplace. You can do a lot with it, without using it as a dressing room. 

The Animal Rug is designed with edging, it will last a long time to use. A leopard pattern is carefully crafted, beautiful and fashionable, and brings you the wild side. Take your home design to a whole new level. The eco-friendly faux leopard hides the mat, something cost-effective! You can place it on the sofa, desktop, stairs, bedroom, living room, and even the wall. You can do a lot with it, without using it as rugby.

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