6 Litre Backpack Beverage Dispenser


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6 Litre Backpack Beverage Dispenser
6 Litre Backpack Beverage Dispenser $105.99

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Our Portable Backpack Dispenser is clear and it fits comfortably on the back like a backpack, with two separate hoses for two different drinks or mixers, helping it dispense alcohol shots very easily. A tap is attached to each cylinder, allowing him or his assistant to easily fill the shot or any beverage tubes. Dual dispensers enable flavors, beers, mixes, or two separate shots or even with beer and with shot mixes.

The Beer Alcohol Dispenser backpack dual dispensers allow waiters, waitresses, and staff members to move around the location with the capacity for any alcoholic or mixed drink or liquid. This dual shot dispenser backpack is awesome for any party, nightclub, special event, stage show, bar, lounge, marathon, or tailgating event.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Plastic Type: PVC
  • Type: Beer Tower
  • Type: Bar Accessories

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