Abdominal Exercise Home Double Roller


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Abdominal Exercise Home Double Roller
Abdominal Exercise Home Double Roller $55.00

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The Abdominal Exercise Home Double Roller is made of high-quality material better elastic, comfortable, soft, and light, which can prevent accidents caused by pain. The effect of a rotating knee brace design can slim the waist, lift buttocks and breasts, slim legs, build the abdomen, enhance physical fitness and improve endurance easily. Keep you away from cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain, sub-health, etc.

Train with one of the most effective pieces of home exercise equipment that helps you build stronger, bigger abs. It’s made from strong and durable material to ensure it stands up to intense training sessions. The abdominal muscles, back muscles, arm muscles, shoulder muscles, thigh muscles, and buttocks are trained at the same time. Get a total renewal of the body.


  • Type: Double-Wheeled
  • Application: Breaststroke Abdomen Trainer
  • Function: Waist & Abdomen Exercise

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