Baby Groot Flowerpot Planter


Baby Groot Flowerpot Planter
Baby Groot Flowerpot Planter $10.99

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High-quality plastic is used to make our Groot Flower Pot planter. It’s long-lasting, harmless, and non-toxic. If you damage it by accident, don’t worry; a little glue will fix it quickly, and the uneven design hides glue traces beautifully. When used as a flowerpot, there is a small hole under the flowerpot to allow the water to drain. When used as a pen holder, the hole design is hidden on the side and has no visual impact.

This Adorable Tree Toy can be used as a flowerpot, a pencil holder, or a decorative item. You can put this perfect creative design on your desk or your child’s desk. Organize your pen or small items with these adorable collectibles. This is an excellent present for anyone. Wives, children, coworkers, classmates, and so on.


  • Style: Pastoral
  • Material: Plastic
  • kids Toys: flower pots
  • Home Decoration: desk decor

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