Bathroom Washbasin Drain Hair Catcher

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The Hair Catcher will stay in place whether you're using it as a strainer or as a sink stopper as a result of this. While enabling water to drain, the sink drain cover can collect hair and other debris. TPR/PVC is used to make our Drain Hair Catcher, which is flexible and water-resistant. 

This Sink Strainer Filter fits most basins, drains, sinks, and slop sinks and is ideal for usage in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. Travel-size, easy-to-pack needed for on-the-go washing, easy-to-clean materials for long-term use. Simple to use, simply place the hair catcher on the tub/shower drain and press down on the suction cups for a solid hold.


  • Prevent clogs in the drain using a hair trap.
  • Blockage due to debris, dirt, gunk, and other trash can be avoided by using catch hair.
  • Hair trap saves you a lot of money and inconvenience caused due to blockage in drains.


  • Material: PVC, TPR
  • Dropshipping: Support
  • Feature: Floor Drain Cover,  Washbasin Drain Hair Catcher

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