Bull Shaped Whiskey Decanter


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The Cow-shaped Bottle creates a huge space for the collision of whiskey and oxygen, stimulates the aroma, and enhances the taste. The high transparency of the bottle itself shows the color of the red whiskey itself. The glass stopper with a rubber seal ensures that the flavor of your best alcoholic beverage is preserved and does not evaporate. The texture is clear, three-dimensional, exquisite, and elegant. The tightness is very good.

This Animal Whiskey Decanter is completely hand-made and blown by skilled craftsmen. Exquisite workmanship, lead-free bottle body, unique bull details eye-catching, not only beautiful but also practical. Effectively prevent harmful substances from mixing with whiskey, and experience vision and taste. In addition, the container will not change the quality of the whiskey, it will only change the whisky tasting experience.


  • Type: Bar Sets
  • Material: Glass
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly

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