Cat Paws Oven Mitts Claw Gloves


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Cat Paws Oven Mitts Claw Gloves
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These Cat Paws Oven Mitts with Claws Gloves protect your hands and forearms while cooking, baking, or grilling by keeping them away from hot dishes, pots, and oven racks. This set has a 180-gsm cotton fabric surface, a 600-gsm cotton filling, and a soft and comfortable fabric lining. All materials are BPA-free, making them safer to use around food. Cotton of the highest quality is recommended for maximum flexibility and heat protection. Each glove has a hanger and is designed in the shape of a cat paw. Each oven mitt has a “cat’s paw” loop that allows you to hang it on a hook. It’s a product that combines both fun and functionality. Each oven mitt has a hanging loop for convenient storage.

Ideal for everyday use, it complements your home and kitchen. It is also simple to clean; simply machine wash it in cold water, tumble dry it on low, and hang using the attached loop. ideal for cooking, baking, serving, a barbecue, or a dinner party. These Cat Paws Oven Mitts with Claws Gloves will keep your hands safe while also adding a cute touch to your kitchen. attractive and useful. cute, for use at home and in the kitchen. They make an ideal birthday gift for anyone who enjoys baking, or they can be hung on the wall and look just as tastefully artsy and attractive. Your family or friends will undoubtedly adore them, as will lovers.

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