Disco Ball Hanging Flower Pot


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Disco Ball Hanging Flower Pot
Disco Ball Hanging Flower Pot $30.00

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This Hanging Planter Basket is an elegant plant holder for indoor plants, succulents, herbs, and cacti, which is very suitable for various spaces in your home, gardens, living rooms, or kitchen. It is also suitable for various atmospheres, festivals, or parties. It can also be a unique craft, whether it is placed on a desk, a dining table, a shelf, or a bedside table, it is so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off. It’s a unique gift to your family or friend.

The Disco Ball Planter will bring life and vitality to your home and complement. Its style with retro vibes, grooves, and a touch of personality. Make the best out of the golden hour as the disco, planter reflects through its mirror. This fun planter is super easy to use. Just attach ropes, fill them with your favorite plants, hang them and enjoy


  • Size: 10cm
  • Craft: Pure handicraft
  • Type: Hanging Baskets, Hanging Flower Pot

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