Head Scratching Massage Claws


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Head Scratching Massage Claws
Head Scratching Massage Claws $8.00

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Our Head Massager simply slides gently overhead, then enjoy the tingling sensations from scalp to fingertips. Custom-fit fingers can bend small enough to carry anywhere. This Scratching Head Massager can be used to massage the scalp, knee joints, ankles, elbows, and more. It will help promote blood circulation, eliminate stress and fatigue throughout the day, relax muscles and reduce stress.

The Claws Octopus Head Prefer to massage the scalp or gently scrub, will love how nice and relaxing the scalp massagers are. Use it once and get used to it. Whereas other scalp masseuses scratch. The year’s scalp massager has rubber beads on each spindle that glide over the scalp and create an invigorating feeling every time use it. Feel the tension go away instantly and feel at peace.


  • Usage Mode: Manual
  • Material: All stainless steel wire + round wood
  • Application: Head
  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation