Memory Foam Seat Cushion Pillow

Color: Blue
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This Memory Foam Seat Cushion has a significant effect on lower back sciatica pain relief, helping you easily cope with all kinds of sedentary situations. It is light and portable, and can also help you get more relaxation when traveling by air. In addition, its black cover can be machine washed. It can be used to improve poor posture and relieve leg pain when driving or sitting for a long time, thus improving comfort and maintaining its density.

The Car Seat Pillow is a perfect gift for a friend, family, or colleague. Provides them with comfort and value, distributes your weight throughout the seat, reduces the pressure on the lower back and the tailbone, and lets them feel your love. It is suitable for your office or kitchen chairs, cars, trucks, airplanes, wheelchairs, computer tables and chairs at home or at work, recliners, stadium seats and stands, and sofas.

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