Millennium Flacon Bottle Opener


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Millennium Flacon Bottle Opener
Millennium Flacon Bottle Opener $12.00

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Our Bottle Opener is made of durable Aluminum alloy and designed with longevity in mind, the Wall Mounted Bottle Opener is absolutely unbreakable. Just install it on a sturdy surface and use it for life. The wall-mounted bottle opener is more than your average bottle opener. Solid and durable vintage wall mount bottle opener. 

The Wall Bottle Cap Opener can open the bottle cap easily and quickly. The opening size of the product is designed to fit most beer and beverages on the market, allowing you to open the bottle cap with one hand without spilling a drop. Insert the bottle into the corkscrew and flick to remove the cap. It is an excellent gift for lovers of beer, cola, and soda.


  • Type: Openers
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Metal Type: Aluminum
  • Openers Type: Bottle Openers

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