Mini BBQ Grill Alcohol Stove


Mini BBQ Grill Alcohol Stove
Mini BBQ Grill Alcohol Stove $50.00$55.00

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This Mini BBQ Grill Alcohol Stove is easy to assemble for grilling in-home or outdoor picnic tailgate camping. Charcoal, briquettes, and alcohol stoves are recommended when you use this grill. Use solid alcohol or environmentally friendly fuel tanks as fuel, which is environmentally friendly and hygienic.

This Grill Outdoor BBQ Oven is lightweight and simple, It is suitable for 1-2 people. This is Non-stick bakeware, easy to clean. Traditional hibachi table grill, portable, perfect for camping, picnics, beach, etc.


  • Type: Grills
  • Metal Type: Cast Iron
  • Main part process: Stamping
  • Product quality grade: First Grade
  • Feature: Easily Assembled, Easily Cleaned
  • Safety Device: Oxygen Depletion Safety Device

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