Model Chicken Table Lamp


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Model Chicken Table Lamp
Model Chicken Table Lamp $49.00

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The Realistic Resin Chicken Egg Light is soft white, giving you soft lighting without glare. And it won’t bother your eyes at midnight, providing just the right amount of illumination to light your way in the dark. Especially suitable for those children who are afraid of the dark.

The Uniquely Odd Chicken Lamp with an egg lightbulb is known for creating very unique art using real taxidermied animals, with other notable creations including a porcupine cabinet, and numerous other creations using a taxidermied chicken. The electrical components of the chicken lamp are placed on the undercarriage of the chicken, with a light bulb replacing the egg that the chicken is supposedly in the process of pushing out. 


  • Valentine’s day gift: Decoration home
  • Theme: Mascot
  • Style: Modern
  • Material: Plastic