Pink Pistol Shaped Wall Neon LED Sign


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Pink Pistol Shaped Wall Neon LED Sign
Pink Pistol Shaped Wall Neon LED Sign $129.00

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Our Gun Shape Neon Light is made Of high-quality fine material, neon signs gaming compared with traditional glass neon lights, neon wall lights are more bright and cool. Gives off a warm light, A wonderful neon light to replace the boring desk lamp and add color to the boy’s game room. flexible led light belt, strong, and can withstand extrusion. There is no danger of bursting when replacing the glass hard tube, and it has excellent heat resistance.

This Pistol Shaped Neon LED Sign is Easy to install.  The Neon Light Sign can be for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Lovers, girlfriends, girls, boys, etc. Neon lights and neon signs are widely used in weddings, bridal showers, bridal showers, birthday parties and other celebration occasions, placed on your mantel or table is the ideal addition to your party.


  • Item Type: Neon Bulbs
  • Features: Neon sign
  • Powered: Battery or USB Power
  • Feature 1: Bedroom wall decoration
  • Color: Shown

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