Pistol Handle Toilet Brush


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Pistol Handle Toilet Brush
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This Pistol Decorate Hanging WC Brush features a gun e-shape as well as a four-in-one brush head. It can be bent at will because it is made of soft and elastic TPR material. There is no need to drill holes, and the hook and loop can be easily and securely attached to the wall without taking up too much space or falling off. It can also be placed upright on the ground with sleeves inserted. Toilets, sinks, washbasins, bathtubs, and floors can all be cleaned with this product!

The Pistol Decorate Hanging WC Brushes are easy to wipe and are pressed deeply enough to reach into gaps and crevices. Designed for thorough cleaning of rims and other difficult-to-reach areas. Unlike traditional toilet brushes, our Marble Base Cleaning Brush Holder only needs to be rinsed with water after use, leaving no dirt, hair tangles, or soiling on your hands. The Pistol Decorate Hanging WC Brushes Holder has a self-volatile base, ventilation, and effective mold inhibition.