Play Station 5 Controller Dock


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Play Station 5 Controller Dock $45.00

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The controller charger is specially designed for PS5 and is compatible with the PS5 controller. This product has a 1m USB charging cable, you can easily charge the controller from multiple sources. These include consoles, PCs, mobile power supplies, or wall power supplies. This ps5 controller charging station has 2.5 hours to charge one controller, and two controllers can be fully charged at the same time in 3 hours.

The built-in smart charging ensures that your controller will never be overcharged, thereby damaging the battery life. It is recommended to use an AC adapter of 5V 2A and above, otherwise, it will not be able to achieve dual charging, but only a single charge. There are 2 LED indicators at the bottom of each dual charging base to show the charging status of the controller. These indicators are designed to match the indicators on the controller. 


  • Connector Type: USB
  • Compatible Devices: Game Consoles
  • Feature: Charging Station for PS5 Controller