Signal Blocker Car Key Box


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Signal Blocker Car Key Box
Signal Blocker Car Key Box $30.00

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The Car Signal Shielding Case completely covers the signal shielding cloth to prevent signal leakage. It can block car key signals, Bluetooth signals, WIFI signals, GPS signals, GSM call signals, NFC, and more. The interior is solid wood, even if it falls, it will not cause too much damage. Made of high-quality leather, it is smooth, soft, durable, and non-slip.

This Signal Blocker Key Box fits all shapes of car keys, Bluetooth, credit cards, etc. This anti-theft keyless faraday box has a black square retro design, making it elegant, nobiliary, stylish, and luxurious. You can place it on your desk as an ornament. It is suitable for home and office.


  • Materials: leather
  • Item Type: Key Box
  • Features: Durable, And Non-Slip

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