Soap Dispenser Toothbrush Holder Marble Set

Color: White
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Our Bathroom Set includes everything needed to decorate and plan a countertop with a simple soap bar, a toothbrush, a cosmetic holder, and a marble tray. The bathroom soap dispenser set incorporates white and gray marble that looks great with a modern, contemporary, or farmhouse design that makes it ideal for personalizing. The bath toothbrush holder is well constructed of high-quality Ceramics. Safe for daily use and stain resistance. Along with bathroom accessories, 

The Soap Holder Tray raised the edge to hold the or to add additional decorations. It is good to hold hand towels, bar soap, jewelry, cosmetics, or perfume bottles. These vanity accessories make a great birthday, souvenir, holiday, Christmas, or a warm house gift for friends, family, or new neighbours.

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