Square Flexible Wall Mirror


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3256803018036663-20 x 20cm
Square Flexible Wall Mirror $20.00

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Our Non-Glass Tile Mirror is made of good quality plastic, not real glass, with a smooth surface and good texture; with protective film on the front and back adhesive on the back, suitable size, can be used with crafts and easy to paste and peel, please note that the stickers need to be applied to a smooth surface, the smoother the surface, the clearer the reflection.

The Flexible Mirror sticker has a reflective effect on the front side, which can be used to replace the glass mirror, can be carried around and used at any time, can be used as interior decoration, beautification, and specular reflection to make the interior space spacious; can be used for bedroom, living room, dressing room, kitchen, gym, office, etc; when you go out to travel, you can also use them


  • Type: 1pcs Wall Mirror Sticker
  • Name: Decorative Mirrors
  • Style: Modern and simple
  • Size: 20 x 20cm
  • Shape: Square
  • Material: Plastic

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