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The Styling Wool Car Washing Gloves Cleaning Brush is wrapped to prevent hair loss, and the back is designed with a sandwich grid cloth for greater comfort. The humanized arc design is sized to fit the width of the palm. It is very delicate and soft, does not lose hair or fade, and absorbs a lot of water. This type of glove is simple to put on and take off. The foam is delicate, and the amount of foam is large when washing the car, so the washing is faster and cleaner. It is appropriate for car washing, car dust cleaning, glass cleaning, window cleaning, house cleaning, and other similar tasks.

Cleaning Brush Styling Wool Car Washing Gloves High-quality coral fleece, delicate texture, is soft, can not afford the ball, will not fade, and water absorption performance is three times higher than cotton products. Allow for natural drying after washing to avoid making the next use inconvenient. You can also use this item to clean furniture, doors, shoes, car bedrooms, windows, glass, toys, and the floor. High water absorption, dense, does not harm the surface, useful for home cleaning, cleans well, does not remove hair, is easy to clean, and is an essential tool for car washes.


  • Special Features: clean car and home kitchen, furniture
  • Material Type: Artificial Wool
  • Item Width: 15cm
  • color: random

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