Unique Snake Shaped Decanter


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Our Unique Snake Shaped Wine is made of high borosilicate glass, beautiful and transparent. It effectively prevents harmful substances from mixing with whiskey, creating vision and taste. Also, the container does not change the quality of the whiskey, it only changes the experience of whiskey tasting. The texture is clear, three-dimensional, delicate, and elegant. The seal is very good, and the whiskey can be stored for a short time.

The Snake Shape of the bottle creates a huge space for the collision of whiskey and oxygen, stimulating the aroma and enhancing the taste. The high transparency of the bottle itself shows the color of the red whiskey itself. There is a sealing plug on the back of the water dispenser to prevent dust and red wine. 


  • Type: Bar Sets
  • Material: Glass
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly

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