Up All Night Neon Sign


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Up All Night Neon Sign
Up All Night Neon Sign $140.00

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This LED Neon Light Sign use at low voltage, save electricity, and it will not get too hot. Our neon lights signs are made of flexible silicon LED strip lights and acrylic, no risk of glass breakage or leakage of hazardous materials. it makes your home more colorful and interesting. This night light will provide just right light output for bedroom, and there will be no noise. You can hang it on the wall or put it on the table at will to create a stylish bar or game room.

Our Neon Wall Sign the best wall decoration! Decorate your room walls with our room decor neon signs to make it warm and beautiful. It is a personalized neon light, suitable for any place, interesting text can make you different, white can make people desire more at night, in the dark, pink and blue can make your room and shop more beautiful vivid.


  • Luminous Flux: lamp
  • Item Type: Neon Bulbs
  • Application: Professional
  • Powered: Battery or USB Power
  • Feature: neon signs for room decoration

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